2015 United States Championship Cheese Contest Results

Please note:  Entries from Class 78 and Class 77 were combined into Class 77 -- Soft & Semi-soft Mixed Milk Cheeses.

2015 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest results are complete! Please note that only the top five scores in each class are displayed, yet all entries are listed in order of place.


Team Guggisberg Sugarcreek
Guggisberg Cheese
Millersburg, OH
Swiss Wheel
Champion Round Score: 98.496

2015 First Runner Up

John (Randy) Pitman
Mill Creek Cheese
Arena, WI
Brick Cheese
Champion Round Score:  98.389

2015 Second Runner Up

Kiel Production Team
Land 0 Lakes, Inc.
Kiel, WI
Medium Cheddar
Champion Round Score:  98.337
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78 - Flavored Soft & Semi-soft Mixed Milk Cheeses

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